About Taygos

We are based out of sunny San Diego. We like fun.

Taygos flip flops were founded on the basic ideals of comfort, simplicity and durability. Based in sunny San Diego, California, where open-toed footwear is year-round attire, we're all too familiar with the eternal quest for the ideal flip flop. Whether we're wearing them to the bar, to the beach or even to the office, we want toughness that will endure a thousand bike rides and cushion that feels like we’ve got mini tempur-pedics strapped to our feet.

While studying Muay Thai on Phuket island, off the coast of Thailand, Taygos founder Taylor Smith discovered this elusive flip flop at a local market in Bangkok. These 100% rubber sandals survived even the most epic of Taylor's Thailand adventures, all the while providing a relaxing foot experience and effortless outfit coordination. Needless to say, a love affair ensued.

Determined to share his discovery with friends back home, Taylor worked endlessly to bring this fine footwear stateside. After copious amounts of research and international phone calls, he partnered with a small startup supplier to recreate the ultimate version of these kick ass flip flops and thusly, Taygos was born.